Get back to better play with simple, open-ended silks.


Playsilks look beautiful, but what do you actually do with them?

Fabric of all kinds should be one of the first things in the toy box. Wool, cotton, polyester - you can use anything. But there's something special about silks. Their weight, strength, translucence and colour make them perfect for play.

How do you play?

From dressing up and role play, to dens, small-world settings and imaginative play, your child will find a hundred ways to play.

And silk is an incredibly durable natural fibre that can withstand plenty of full-throttle playtime, washes easily and dries in a jiffy.  It shimmers, shines and filters light in a very pleasing way, and can be warming in winter and cooling in the sunshine.

A rainbow of colour

Adventure Silks come in a range of naturally-inspired colours and tones, bringing nuanced and life-like shades to all your imaginative role-play and dressing-up games. Our play silks come in a larger-than-average 1m square and are made from the highest quality 100% silk, that feels both delicate and luxurious to touch. Your Adventure Silk comes in a tough cardboard tube where it can be stored for safekeeping when it’s not in play.

  • generously-sized playsilk
  • Versatile, strong and beautiful
  • Limitless possibilities for open-ended play


Adventure Silks return autumn 2024